The New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association was formed at Cambridge , Massachusetts, March 26, 1949, in anticipation of the formation of a continental college sailing organization and on the recommendation of the old Inter-Collegiate Y.R.A at its annual meeting of February 12, 1949.  The new association was founded by 21 New England members of I.C.Y.R.A. and shortly thereafter 25 other colleges formed the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association.

At Ann Arbor , Michigan , June 20-21, 1949, these two associations joined with the Midwest College Sailing Association and the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association to form the INTERCOLLEGIATE YACHT RACING ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA.  In less than a year, the Intercollegiate Y.R.A. of North America has accomplished a unification of rules for college competitions, standardized entry and registration procedures, clarified eligibility and membership standards, introduced uniform safety requirements, and broadened the scope of its competitions.  Much still remains to be accomplished, but the future is bright.