Mailing List

In addition to this website, ICSA hosts email discussion lists as a primary source of communication.  These mailing lists contain regatta results, notices of race and Sailing World rankings, usually before they’re available on the website.

There is no cost to subscribe to any of the lists nor any limit to the number of lists you can join. You can unsubscribe from any list at any time. Note that there is a web interface, accessible below for each of the lists, that may be used to create a new account or change account preferences as well as view mail archives.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Virus/Spam: All mail will be going through an anti-spam and anti-virus filter on our mail server before it will be posted. However, anyone who posts an email with attachments should be able to attest that the files are virus free. Having adequate and current antivirus software that scans incoming and outgoing email is expected of all ICSA list users. Anyone sending an inappropriate email, spam, or viruses, even inadvertently, to an ICSA list could be subject to immediate removal from the list(s) and could possibly face further sanctions. Please use these lists appropriately and carefully. Feel free to contact the ICSA Webmaster or ICSA Communications Chairman for clarifications and/or help.
  • File attachments: With this mail system, we will be allowing attachments of the following common formats: Word, Excel, PDF, Text, HTML, Rich Text and Picture(gif, jpeg, png, bmp) files. If you have any questions about your file format please contact the ICSA Webmaster. Please note that the total attachment size must be less than 2MB.
  • National business is always handled with the ICSA list. If your message concerns multiple districts, please send the message once to the ICSA list, instead of sending individual messages to each district.
  • If you are subscribed to an ICSA list, do NOT enable any auto-response for your email address. If you are going away and absolutely must explain to people that you won’t be checking your email, please unsubscribe from the lists first. Offenders will be dealt with swiftly.
  • If you are recruiting applicants for a job, please use the ICSA Job Bank. Most help wanted, job postings, classifieds, commercial promotions, etc… are forbidden on these lists. The only type of employment or other commercial posting that may be emailed is for college coaching positions. If the job isn’t university-related, don’t send it. Please contact Mike Segerblom before sending your message if you are unsure if it qualifies.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ICSA Internet Coordinator Mike Segerblom.