Start a Team

Starting a Team in NEISA:

These are the necessary steps for your team to join NEISA.  Please note that at the end of a successful first year, the first year dues and fees can be reimbursed by the ICSA so long as the Graduate Treasurer approves that all monies have been paid up front.

What needs to be done:

1.  A faculty advisor is required.  This individual needs to be associated with the team and help oversee its operation.  This individual needs to sign forms required by NEISA for registering competitors and would need to register as the Directory Administrator for the team members to register with the ICSA.

2.  A letter of application for Associate Membership in NEISA needs to be sent to the NEISA Conference Commissioner.  (The current NEISA commission is Justin Assad, This letter needs to include the number of students interested in participating, the experience level of members of the team, and how the team will be funded.  The letter needs to be signed by the advisor and any undergraduate officers.  The letter also needs to include contact information for their Official Administrative Liaison in the department which oversees the team (Athletics, Sports Recreation, Club sports, etc.) Please include a permanent official college address.  Please note this address cannot be a student’s mailing address.

3.  Associate Membership is approved at the NEISA Annual meeting which takes place each December. 

4.  Participating in NEISA regattas is a financial commitment.  Yearly dues as an Associate Member costs $150.

Once the team is approved as an Associate Member, every individual on the team and the advisor of the team needs to register with the ICSA database. 

In order to do this, go to:

Fill out the appropriate forms.  The team’s advisor will have to approve the registration of each individual team member.  Please note, the members of the team need to be registered before the regatta because the scoring program (Tech Score) is directly tied into the ICSA database.

The captains on the team along with the faculty advisor should also sign up for an account with Tech Score.  Tech Score is the scoring program for college sailing and is necessary to both score home events, but also for each team to input the record of participating at each regatta.  To sign up for a Tech Score account, please go to:

It is important to remember all of these login usernames and passwords.

Team’s schedule their regattas for the following calendar year at the annual scheduling meeting in December.  Teams can add events where there are openings.  The 2015 Schedule is found here.

Participating in the team’s first regatta:

It is best to directly email the host school for a team’s first regatta.  Often times important information is passed along via email before the event.  The report time for almost all NEISA regattas is 10:30 AM on Saturday and 9:30 AM on Sunday.  It is usually important to arrive ten to fifteen minutes before report time so that the team can change into their sailing gear and rig boats.  Racing begins right after the competitors meeting.  It is important for teams to arrive at the venue with all the gear and food needed for a full day of competition, as it is usually tough to leave once racing has started.  On Saturdays racing usually goes from 11-6 pm with no more than 10 races completed in each division and no racing after 6:00 PM.  On Sunday, racing usually goes from 10-3 pm.  On Sundays, there is no start after 3:00 pm. 

For fleet race regattas, teams need to have a minimum of 4 sailors at the event (2 full doublehanded teams of skipper and crew).  Teams are allowed to substitute sailors.  Substitutions are unrestricted if sailors remain in the same division.  Crews are allowed to switch divisions, either from B to A division or A to B division but can only switch divisions once.  Skippers cannot switch divisions. 

All student-athletes competing in ICSA Regattas shall wear a uniform designating their college. The uniform shall be a lightweight jersey, bib, or pinnie worn over the lifejacket, or like colored lifejackets. To designate the college, any combination of the college’s name, nickname, mascot, or other identifying image shall be present on the back of the uniform and, except for an individual’s name or number, shall be the same for all team members competing. ICSA recommends that the image used to designate the college be at least 8” X 8” in size.


Directions to NEISA venues can be found at:

Please note that is an old document and the boats listed are not necessarily the boats sailed at the particular venues. 

If you have any questions, please email