NEISA Performance Ranking System (PRS)

Executive Summary:

The old system (up until Fall 2017) was tweaked over many years and worked well to determine conference ranks with the expanding depth at our conference level. An attempt was made to preserve as much of the old system as possible. The women’s PR system is configured to match the co-ed system as closely as possible. Another notable change: the former decimal system, which was baseless and confusing was replaced by a “metric” type of system -- the highest score possible in the system will be “10”. Some clarifications of confusing scoring scenarios are spelled out in this report.

Co-ed Performance Ranking System

Co-ed PR will have the same number of scored events as in 2017: top 4 plus mandatory Schell/Dinghy Tournament

The scoring “levels” will be, in order of maximum value to minimum value:

  1. Superscore: Schell/Dinghy Tournament; Showcase final/alt Showcase final - max 10 points
  2. A - level events - max 8.5 points
  3. B-level events - max 5.0 points
  4. C-level events - max 4.16 points
    (the above scenario assumes 18 boats at all events):

B-level events will have a “floor” of 16 boats at all events (for scoring purposes in the performance rank).  This includes keelboat events (Harmon and Pine). The goal is to provide high scoring opportunities for teams outside the top 10.

B-level regattas with multiple entries from a single school must declare “Team 1” and “Team 2” prior to the start of the event.  “Team 1” will thereafter be eligible for PR points; “Team 2” will be omitted from the PR.

Match Race New Englands will be A-level and have a “floor” of 16 boats as the scoring denominator.

Single-handed New Englands will be unchanged from a PR perspective.  It’s an “A level” event, and the number of competitors will be the number of unique schools competing.

The “superscore” procedure at the Schell/Dinghy tournament will remain the same (but with the new value tables). However, the “superscore” procedure at the showcase finals/alt-finals will be different than the ACC/ACT “superscore” procedure with which we are familiar. The alt-finals winner will receive 19th place points, regardless of the worst placed NEISA team at the showcase finals.

Women’s Performance Ranking System
The women’s performance ranking system will mirror the Co-ed ranking as closely as possible and score the top 4 events plus mandatory Urn Trophy score. There are some key differences:

  • Urn and Showcase finals are not superscored, but weighted higher
  • Showcase alt-finals will tentatively be a “b” level regatta
  • B level women’s regattas are weighted relatively higher than co-ed b (as a % of a level events). For this reason, b level events will be scored on the number of boats entered (no 16 boat minimum).

Ranked Regattas: A list of ranked regattas for the upcoming season, along with their ranking level, will be voted on at the annual meeting. The approved list will then be distributed to the conference and marked in the NEISA Schedule of Regattas. Scores are kept on this google sheet.  It is the responsibility of each team to enter their scores on Monday by 8PM.

Scoring Values: Here is a chart showing the scoring values for each level of event.

Coed and Women’s Rankings

For as long as Sailing World has been doing college rankings-they go back to at least 1979, when Ken Legler did them on his own-we've been using a select panel of top coaches to do the honors. 

There were a number of reasons for using this system, including the general lack of sailing programs with college coaches in the late 1970s and the prohibitive logistics involved with using a larger panel or opening it up to every college coach. 

Times have changed, however, and we are proud to unveil a new system for our bi-weekly college sailing rankings, one that gives one vote to every team in the country with a coach. To register to vote in the poll, coaches need only send an email with their name, school, and number of years coaching college sailing to collegerankings@sailingworld.com

Using an Internet polling site, every accredited coach can submit his or her list of the top 20 coed and 15 women's team in the country. Each place is worth a certain number of points (20 points for first in the coed rankings, 19 for second, on down to 1 for 20th; 15 points for first in the women's rankings, 14 for second, on down to 1 for 15th). All the points are tallied and the teams are ranked according to their respective point totals. Any team that receives at least two votes is listed as also receiving votes. The number of first-place votes a team receives is in brackets. 

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to collegerankings@sailingworld.com. You can also sign up for Twitter updates which will alert you whenever a new ranking is posted, http://twitter.com/swrankings.

Team Race Rankings

Sail1Design is proud to manage and sponsor the College Sailing Team Race Rankings. These rankings are updated infrequently in the fall, and then twice a month in the spring seasons. Rankings are based on college teams' performance in team race regattas and an average of the polling from our Team Race Ranking staff. If you would like to inquire more about our ranking system, or would be interested in joining the panel, please let us know.

ICSA Team Race Panelists include: Ken Legler (Tufts), Bill Healy (Yale), John Vandemoer (Stanford), Ward Cromwell (Charleston), and Brendan Healy (Navy).